Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Volume 2, Issue No. 19

In the Lab with Boa

Boa Technology, makers of the Boa Fit System, has opened a Performance Fit Lab at its global headquarters in Denver, CO. The 2,700 square foot Performance Fit Lab is equipped with tools for measuring biomechanical data, including a 950-square foot motion capture space, a metabolic cart, four floor-mounted force plates, an indoor hiking path, an instrumented bike and treadmill and more.

Boa also announced that in partnership with the University of Denver, the company is conducting independent scientific studies that measure the biomechanical impact of its fit solutions. Boa’s initial study with the University of Denver focuses on the benefits of fit in the area of agility and speed and how the Boa Fit System impacts these movements. The study was conducted in DU’s Human Dynamics Laboratory with NCAA Division 1 and club sport athletes.

In addition to the studies measuring agility and speed, Boa plans to conduct studies on power and precision, as well as endurance and health, with validation studies due to be conducted in 2020.

“Looking beyond 2020, we will expand our performance benefit studies to include tennis, workwear, hiking, and other sport categories,” says Shawn Neville, CEO for Boa Technology. “Our organization sees the value in proving the benefits of the Boa Fit System, and so do our world-class brand partners. Providing data to support the creation of better performing product is already allowing us to collaborate on a new level with our partners and in new categories.”