Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Volume 2, Issue No. 16

Soccer Footwear Start-up Focuses on Italian Craftsmanship

Sam Garzon, the founder and CEO of Miami-based UnoZero, says the young company’s name was inspired by all the soccer greats who have worn the number 10 on the pitch. Everyone from Pele and Zidane to Totti.

“Ten stands for perfection. It stands out above all cleats by focusing on Italian craftsmanship, premium quality, attention to detail, and meticulous material selection, with no gimmicks and no compromises,” says the native Venezuelan and lifelong soccer player.

Garzon, a former Staples and Siemens’ executive, offers up more details on his fledgling boot brand, beginning to make its way into U.S. soccer shops, and his broad perspective on the sport in this Sports Insight Extra podcast. Listen Below.