Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Volume 2, Issue No. 15

Mike Cosentino, Big Peach Running Company

Mike Cosentino, founder and CEO of Big Peach Running Co., a seven-door run specialty retail chain based in Atlanta, made a bold move in August 2018, purchasing a 33-foot vehicle from a company in Marietta, GA that specializes in food trucks. He architected and fabricated his six-figure purchase himself before getting “Big Peach On Wheels” on the road to serve as a mobile, on-site store at schools, races and corporations across Georgia.

“No one would deny, getting closer to someone is a way to become more convenient,” Cosentino says. “I think all [specialty store owners] should be thinking about convenience.”

We caught up with Cosentino to learn about the venture and whether he would advise others in the sports specialty business to give a similar mobile store on wheels a spin.

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