Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Volume 2, Issue No. 13

Personalized Email Marketing on Rise

Retail investment in personalized email content is projected to rise 40 percent in 2019, and 45 percent of retailers will spend to expand their mobile marketing efforts to include push and in-app notifications, according to a new report from Cordial.com. Two major obstacles were restricting retailers’ ability to develop more personalization efforts in the first half of the year: a lack of retail marketers educated in the art and science of message personalization and customer data management skills, and difficulties in customer data management.

With both the back-to-school and holiday seasons on tap, the importance of customer experience satisfaction is top-of-mind among retail marketing executives. This year, an estimated 43 percent of retailers intend to lower their spending on cross-channel marketing technologies through consolidation, but maintain their overall budget. Retail respondents told Cordial that their 2019 objective is reduce their number of messaging platforms to three from an average of five in 2018, shrink overall messaging technology costs, and improve customer data management.

Approximately 45 percent of retail marketers will spend more on mobile marketing in Hthe back half of the year, largely through expansion of mobile application capabilities and more support for push and in-app notifications within existing mobile apps. And 58 percent of retailers told Cordial they intend to launch or expand their use of personalized SMS messaging.

Email will become more important for revenue-generating operations over the next five months. To that end, most retailers told Cordial they intend to increase their monthly average number of emails per customer to 6-8 monthly this year versus the 4-6 monthly average in 2018. With the higher average monthly emails, retailers will sharpen their focus to include personalized emails based on real-time consumer behavior, emails within customer loyalty programs and new offers and discounts customized for the respective customer.

Cordial is hosting a noon webinar on July 24 to discuss retail marketing best practices with Shar VanBoskirk, principal analyst for Forrester.